Abbey Gesture of Goodwill Payment

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Abbeys new tactic appears to be giving claimants a Gesture of Goodwill Payment - between £200 and £1000 at the LBA / Court Claim stage of their claims.

At Defence Stage they are offering around 50% of your claim.

BE WARNED- Abbey are including your GOGW payment in this figure and if you accept it they will subtract the GOGW figure off the figure offered and pay you the difference.

A few people have nearly been caught out with this on here, so I am sure their tactic is working with people not on CAG.


Claim £2000

Goodwill Gesture of £800 paid into your account

Defence & Offer for 50% of claim (£1000)

You are supposed to think Waahaay thats nearly the full amount (£1800) and accept.

They then turn around and only pay you £200 ( the difference between the 50% offer and the GOGW )

So continue with your claim for the full 100%. When you get a GOGW gesture after submitting your claim in the courts contact the court and inform them of the partial settlement amount.

If you acknowledge the GOGW and ask the court if it is necessary to amend your claim the onus would be on Abbey to explain why they never made reference to the GOGW in their negotiations

If Abbey make a GOGW and do not write to you to confirm the payment the fact they have never advised you what the GOGW was for will go against them.

If you get a GOGW BEFORE filing your claim - then take the GOGW amount off of your claim - take it off the most recent refunds. Then when you file your claim and they offer any settlement ensure in writing that the offer is as well as the GOGW and that the GOGW will not be taken off any offer amount - before accepting ANYTHING even 100%.