Bailiffs: Code of Practice

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The rules concerning bailiffs etc, has long been the subject of complaint, and indeed neglect.

Therefore, in an attempt to try to establish good methods across the various enforcement sectors, the Lord Chancellor's Department produced in May 2002, the National Standards for Enforcement Agents, a copy of which can be found on the DCA link below.

This is an invaluable guide and covers many areas to include:

• The Financial requirements of the Enforcement Agency.

• The Conduct of the Enforcement Agent.

• Training & Certification.

• Times & Hours (for bailiff visits).

• Goods that can and cannot be taken.

• Complaints & Discipline.

And finally: The responsibility of the Creditor.

Although this guide, in itself, is not a legally binding document, it nonetheless, has been endorsed by the enforcement industry. A copy is given to all individual bailiffs. If you wish to complain about the manner in which a bailiff has dealt with your case, it would be helpful to refer to the relevant section in these National Standards when writing your letter.

Download a copy here