Bailiffs: Council Tax - Stop Enforcement

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Getting Out of Paying Bailiffs Fees for Concil Tax

This is called Magicians Choice because it doesn’t matter whether or not the council declines your payment or confirms thereto. Either way its stops enforcement and can get you out of paying bailiffs fees.

Make two identical documents based on this template; take cash and a witness to the council tax payments office.

If the council accepts payment ask for a receipt and hand a copy to the bailiff through your letterbox or window.

If the council declines your payment then ask the council to confirm this by completing Part A. If they refuse to sign then sign Part B and your witness signs on the council’s behalf. Complete two copies of Part B and hand a copy to the council

Confirmation of declined payment

Council tax account number:_____________________________________

Name on the account:__________________________________________

Address giving rise to charge:____________________________________

Name of Council_______________________________________________

Complete either part A or Part B

Part A:

Signature confirming declined payment

(The council declines payment).

I as an agent of the Council hereby deny the above-named council tax payer to discharge their liability under Regulation 20(3)(a) of the Council Tax (Administration and Enforcement) Regulations 1992.

Signed (agent for the council) __________________________

Print name ______________________________________

On (date) _____________

Part B:

The council refuses to sign

I the council tax payer and before a witness together sign before an agent of the council that I, the Signee attempted to discharge my liability under Regulation 20(3)(a) of the Council Tax (Administration and Enforcement) Regulations 1992 but the council prevented me from doing so.

Signature (council tax payer) ____________________

Before me (witness) ___________________________

On (date) ___________________________________

(Hand a copy of completed Part B to the council. Make two further copies, one to the Local Government Ombudsman and one to the bailiff and say the matter is in the hands of the LGO. If the bailiff attempts to subvert this notice, file a Form 4 complaint addressed to the bailiff’s certificating court).


Bailiffs cannot enforce the same debt twice

Bailiffs cannot enforce a null debt (a debt that has been paid to the creditor) just for his fees.