Bailiffs: Council Tax Template Letter

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Template Letter to Request Account be Referred Back to Council

With thanks to Tomtubby

NOTE: This letter can be adapted to suit your own circumstances and could be used to advise the company that you are in receipt of income support or income based jobseekers allowance and that you wish for your arrears of Council Tax to be deducted at source from your benefits and requesting that the account is returned back to the local authority. You should provide a photocopy if possible, of either your benefit book or confirmation of your entitlement from the benefits agency.

To: Bailiff Company


Dear Sirs,

Re: Account reference.

I refer to your letter dated (enter date) informing me that your company have been instructed by (enter local authority) to enforce a warrant/liability order etc against me, in respect of arrears of council tax.

In your letter you state that you will be visiting/returning to my home to (seize/auction etc my goods.) unless full payment of (enter amount) is made by return.

The purpose of this letter is to advise your company that I am in receipt of (income support/jobseekers allowance) and am enclosing as proof, a copy of (payment book/letter from benefits agency.)

I am informed that deductions can be made directly from my benefits to pay my arrears of council tax. This is provided for in the Council Tax (Deductions from Income Support) Regulations 1993.

For this reason, I would like to request that this account be referred back to (local authority) so that the relevant forms can be completed.

I am also aware that once deductions are in place, Regulation 52 of The Council Tax (Administration & Enforcement) Regulations 1992 expressly forbids any enforcement action.

As I have now made you aware of (my/our) circumstances, and provided proof, if your company continues with enforcement action, I will consider making a formal complaint about the bailiff’s conduct to the County Court

Could you please confirm safe receipt of this letter, a copy of which is being sent to my local authority.

Yours Faithfully.