Bailiffs: What They Can & Can't Do

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What bailiffs 'can' and 'cant' do?

If you are having 'bailiff issues', then please read on.

When posting a query specific to your problem, it'll help people answer quickly if you say what the debt is for (fine, council tax, parking ticket etc..) and what exactly has happened so far and which bailiffs are collecting it.

- What rights we have and which laws apply depend on whether the debt concerned is civil or criminal, and what it is for. Bailiffs currently can't 'break' into your house if your debt is 'civil'. However, if it's 'criminal' such as a non-paid fine, they can. Also they can to collect income tax. They cannot force entry for unpaid council tax or parking tickets. But they could resort to clamping your car. There are different kinds of bailiffs; Private Bailiffs, County Court Bailiffs, Fines Officers.... It's a mine-field.

- Below is a list of potentially useful links to help you find out what you need to know about your particular problem.

Govt website giving some very good general advice and useful links.

Specifications / Procedures drawn up by HMCS for Private Contractors - they should be following these to the letter, but...

This brief memo clearly sets the scene on the Govts line. They want fines collected more efficiently, but also want the process to be administrative. I.e. not taking up court time. 'The offender should be given every opportunity to comply'. Interesting stuff!

The DCA's new approach. A lot of pie charts and stats but some useful info about clamping orders etc.

Particularly well structured, easy to follow and down to earth. A reputable website which belongs to Advice Services Alliance and is frequently recommended by debt advice workers.