Basic Court Bundle

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Basic Court Bundle

With the banks fighting back harder these days, more and more people get a court date and have to prepare for a hearing.

When you get a date, the court will usually give a direction that "a copy of the documents you intend to rely on at the hearing be sent to the other party and the court, no later than 14 days before the hearing date".

In the zip file below, you will find a basic bundle of paperwork you want to include. There's also an index of things you should include to help you getting the stuff thats personal to you.

Look carefully at the index provided. From "relevant case law summaries" onwards, the information provided is meant to be printed as is, with the exception of the weblinks. Those are provided because I found that printing direct from the websites was keeping them nicely formatted, whereas copying and pasting them was throwing the format out of whack.

Think carefully about your own situation, and adapt the bundle (and the index) accordingly. This is meant to save you looking all over the place for the right information, but it is not a complete bundle in itself!


In particular you must ensure you have the relevant terms and conditions for your account

You will need 3 identical copies, one for you, one for the bank's solicitors, one for the court.

Do not forget to number the pages, so that all parties can find them easily when referred to, and to index the pages correctly (they're xx on the sample provided)

In front of each bundle, write clearly and legibly:

Case Number: XXXXXXX (JoeBLog) v (EvilBank)

Make sure you put everything together with plenty of time to spare. You don't want to realise that tomorrow is your deadline. If you send it off early, there's always a possibility that they will settle faster, when they realise that you are prepared to see this through to the end.

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