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The Consumer Action Group

The ConsumerActionGroup (formally BankActionGroup) was setup early in 2006, initially to combat spiralling debts caused by excessive bank charges, it has since 'branched-out' into other areas of consumerism where consumers are getting a rough deal.


The BankActionGroup was started towards the end of 2005 by Marc Gander and Dave Smith. The two met through a Yahoo group called 'Bank Charges Hell' after many years of suffering at the hands of banks.

The founder of Bank Charges Hell was contacted with regards to starting an Internet discussion forum, but declined. The decision was made to forge ahead with a forum as it was thought that it would be the best way for people to gain help as opposed to the somewhat chaotic mechanism of a Yahoo chat/email group.

Soon, it was discovered that people were not only being hurt by banks alone, and so the decision was made to start the Consumer Action Group - a place where people could come for help with regards to all unfair consumer issues.

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