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About CCCS

The Foundation for Credit Counselling, based in Leeds, is the umbrella charity for the Consumer Credit Counselling Service in the United Kingdom. Through its free national telephone service, ten regional centres and online CCCS Debt Remedy, CCCS is able to help people with debt problems wherever they live.

Based on a proven and successful formula, our specialist advisory service has already helped thousands of people in the UK by providing counselling on personal budgeting, advice on the wise use of credit and, where appropriate, managing achievable plans to repay debts.

It is the leading debt management charity in the UK.

How Credit Counselling Works

People in financial difficulties reach us through our 0800 free phone number, or online using CCCS Debt Remedy. Over the telephone, the helpline advisor will perform an immediate assessment of the situation ending in emergency help, self-help material or the offer of a counselling appointment. Through CCCS Debt Remedy, visitors receive online expert debt advice tailored to their individual circumstances.

Whether a client chooses to use CCCS Debt Remedy or has a counselling appointment, CCCS conduct a full review of the credit and debt situation followed by a recommendation. The first priority wherever possible is to allow for essential expenditure, priority debts and living expenses. We will assess whether the client has enough left over to make an offer of repayment to other creditors. If so, creditors are asked to freeze interest, stop penalties and charges, accept a longer repayment period and sometimes a reduced sum.

Such is the quality of counselling that many creditors now accept our repayment proposals without further checking and the repayment records of clients we have counselled are uniquely good. This is because CCCS follow the two key principles of best advice and sustainable plans.

Who Uses Credit Counselling

Over-indebtedness largely results from a change in financial circumstances, caused by reduced income or overuse of credit, although relationship problems and changes in employment status are also common causes. Because of this, our clients are from all walks of life and we are able to offer help and advice to those on high incomes as well as those on low ones. A typical client on a repayment plan is mid-30's, married with children with an average debt of £24,000.

Benefits of Our Service

The key to our continued success is the quality of service that is provided to clients with debt problems and our understanding of the requirements of creditors.

For clients, CCCS brings peace of mind through education and understanding, reaching realistic solutions to their problems and agreeing repayments that are achievable. Most importantly, the free service also means that the debt situation is not worsened with the burden of management fees.

For creditors, CCCS delivers improved recoveries from achievable repayment plans, better educated and potentially rehabilitated customers, a professional and independent assessment of the customers' situation and a reliable payment system.

CCCS has developed close working relations with creditors across the UK. More than half of our clients contact our service following the advice of their creditors.

Our Supporters

CCCS is funded and supported entirely by the credit industry. It is this totally unique mechanism that allows CCCS to provide its services totally free to consumers.

From it's original founders, primarily major lenders, CCCS now has the support of the credit industry and associated organisations. Over half of the people who contact CCCS are recommended to do so by their creditors. These are companies who take a responsible and sympathetic view when customers experience financial difficulties and work closely with CCCS to ensure a realistic, practical solution is achieved.

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