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Debt Collector Templates

All the following templates can be found here

1 Mbna Agreements/application Forms

2 Letter sent when debt is statute barred

3 DCA Home Visit - If you receive, or are threatened with, a Doorstep Visit


5 Legal notice issued under Section 10 of the Data Protection Act 1980

6 Letter - following up after a Debt Collection Agency has 'closed' it's files

7 Letter to request the halt on the processing of your data

8 CCA request letter.

9 POSSIBLE Letter when a questionable agreement/application is sent.

10 OFT - Debt collection guidance

11 Subject Access Request - Debt & DCA

12 Letter when bank/DCA attempt to collect on penalty charge situation.

13 Letter when DCA refuses to comply with a CCA request

14 Letter to DCA persistant after statute barred.

15 Statute Barred Letter - SCOTLAND

16 Letter to solicitors threatening legal action / in default of agreement request

17 Letter when account has been passed on whilst agreement request is in dispute

18 General debt letter - if you know nothing of the debt...

19 Debt Letter - When company refuse CCA due to no signature

20 Failiure to provide a copy of the agreement within the prescribed timescale

21 Dealing with doorstep visits