List of legal cases relating to penalties

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Durant v Financial Services Authority [2003 EWCA Civ 1746]
The ‘Durant’ Case and its impact on the interpretation of the Data Protection Act 1998

Smith v Lloyds TSB 2003
Data Protection Act request and follows on from Durant

Woodchester Lease v Sawin & Co 1998
Default notices

Lordsvale Finance Plc -v- Bank of Zambia

Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Company Ltd -v- New Garage and Motor Company Ltd

Murray -v- Leisureplay Plc

Director General of Fair Trading v First National Bank
Important for interpretation of UTCCR regarding core terms being construed restrictively

Euro London Appointment Ltd v Claessens International Ltd

British and Irish Legal Information Institute
Free law data base covering mainly modern cases also covers statutes and statutory instruments.

Interfoto Picture Library v Stilletto
Important as it suggests the availability of the court to apply penalty provisions where there has been no breach of contract.

Jeancharm Ltd v Barnett Football Club
Interesting case regarding penalty interest

LB Hackney v Mullen

Various v Klienwort Case law relevant to limitations
Williams v Fanshawe Porter& HazelhurstCase law relevant to limitations
Cave v Robison Jarvis & RolfCase law relevant to limitations
Sheldon v RHM OuthwaiteCase law relevant to limitations