Schedule of Charges

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A Schedule of Charges is a list of your penalty charges detailing the type of charge, the amount and date.

The simplest way to do this is to use one of the spreadsheets from here

Simple versions will calculate the 8% APR only, to be used when filing court claim. Advanced spreadsheets will also help you to calculate the overdraft interest you have been charged by your bank, which you can request at the preliminary stage.

Please choose the spreadsheet relevant to your claim - there are different versions depending on if you are in England or Scotland, which spreadsheet package you use, and also whether you are claiming for a bank account or credit card.

You should send a Schedule of Charges with your preliminary and LBA letters. We suggest using the interest calculation spreadsheets, and removing the interest column before printing to send.

Simple Spreadsheet

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When entering your charges, don’t delete anything first. Just overwrite the existing examples: type of charge, amount and date.

The ‘Days Since’ and ‘8% Interest’ columns will be calculated automatically

Save it (for use later at court).

Then, since you cannot claim s69 8% interest until you file a claim at court, delete/hide the last 2 columns (8% bits) and print out as your schedule of charges for the Preliminary and LBA letters

You can use the same spreadsheet when you are ready to file your claim at court. Each time the spreadsheet is opened, it will automatically recalculate the s69 8% interest to todays date

Online Simple Spreadsheet

If you don't have Excel, Works or OpenOffice, or you don't like spreadsheets, there is an easy to use Simple 8% spreadsheet here

You can save the file and go back in x days or months and add new or remove incorrect items as need be. The program will then recalculate the charges and interest which can be printed out or saved.

The program will save any number of files, so it is possible to do one file for each account i.e. credit card or bank account