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Scottish Claims with the Royal Bank of Scotland

Following recent experience with the Royal Bank of Scotland, I have found that although taking longer than the timescales set out in the template letters, the RBS do seem to be paying out sums at, or fairly close to, the figures being claimed, calculated at a 5 year limit, and without interest.

In light of this, I would suggest that anyone claiming over £750 should prepare themselves to think along the lines of the Bank's timescales as set down in their own complaints procedure. i.e. anything up to 8 weeks.

If the bank has failed to either settle your claim by then, or has issued a Full and Final letter in response to your complaint at any point within the 8 week period, you will be entitled to complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

I wouldn't expect there would be any requirement to escalte things as far as court, but the above is obviously based on personal experience, and regular conributions to this discussion will help to keep things current.