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Bank charges templates (consumer)

All the following templates can be found here

1 You must amend your Bank Charges claim from penalties to UTCCR

2 Data Protection Act 1998 - Subject Access Request

3 Letter - Preliminary approach for repayment.

4 Letter before action - Bank charges

5 Particulars of claim - N1 - Updated 24th June 2009

6 Money Claim On-Line (MCOL) Particulars of Claim

7 Letter for an application for consideration for hardship

8 Interest calculation spreadsheets

9 Basic Court Bundle

10 Credit Card charges POC N1

11 Credit/Store Card Charges. Letter Template

12 Advanced court bundle

13 Allocation hearing witness statement

14 Allocation Questionnaires - A guide to completion

15 Application for removal of a stay

16 Bundle for stay hearing

17 Civil Court - List of General Forms

18 Data Protection Act - Non-Compliance - Template Letters

19 Data Protection Act Non-Compliance - Particulars of Claim.

20 Draft order for directions - including directions for disclosure

21 Free alternative to Excel

22 Isle of Man Template Letters

23 Lloyds Witness statement

24 N1 Claims form in .PDF format with form filling

25 Rejecting Offers

26 Right of Appropriation - Stop the bank from taking your money

27 Skeleton argument for stay hearing

28 Template letter to your Member of Parliament

29 Wasted Costs order

30 S.10 Data Protection Act notice - if you have been defaulted for unlawful penalties.