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(Contact Details)
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'''Natwest Credit Card'''<br>
Cards Customer Services<br>
Customer Contact Centre<br>
PO Box 5747<br>
Southend on Sea<br>
'''Address for PPI S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) where a copy/copies of agreement(s) are being requested'''<br>
'''Address for PPI S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) where a copy/copies of agreement(s) are being requested'''<br>

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Description of Charges

Card Misuse Fee (Changed to Guaranteed Card Payment Fee)
Cheque Return Fee
Default Notice Fee
Guaranteed Card Payment Fee
Paid Referral
Unarranged Borrowing Fee NB (Unarranged Borrowing Fee- Name Change. Natwest are changing the name to "Maintenance Fee" with effect from August 10th NB These will appear on statements this month)
Unpaid Item Fee

Contact Details


135 Bishpsgate,


Address For a Full bells and whistles S.A.R - (Subject Access Request)
Data Protection Manager
Regulatory Risk
2nd Floor
Business House B
PO Box 1000
EH12 1HQ

Address For S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) Bank statements only
Customer Relations Services Unit
1st Floor
Drummond House
Redheughs Avenue
South Gyle
EH11 9JN

or, if you have online banking, follow these instructions:
1) Log into online banking
2) Click Statements on the top left hand side
3) View Bank Statements on screen
4) Select the account you want then click next
5) Hey presto you have the last 6 years statements going back to October 2002.

Address for Prelim and LBA as from 25th August 2007
Customer Service Response Unit
The Cornerstone
60 South Gyle Crescent
EH12 9WF

Address for CCA for Natwest Credit Card
Credit Management Services
Kendal Court
Ironmasters Way

Natwest Credit Card
Cards Customer Services
Customer Contact Centre
PO Box 5747
Southend on Sea

Address for PPI S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) where a copy/copies of agreement(s) are being requested
PPI Customer Concerns Team
FAO Information Request Team Hardman Boulevard
5th Floor, Hardman Boulevard
M3 3AQ.


Online Form

or send to feedback@NatWest.com


Contact Your Branch


Log On


Only 6 Months available online so send S.A.R - (Subject Access Request)


Card Services - fax number + Data Protection Act....01702 278306

Customers in Financial Difficulty: 0845 600 6423

NatWest Customer Relations,

Freepost NAT12685,




NatWest (or Royal Bank of Scotland).

Fred Goodwin

Group Chief Executive

The Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc

PO Box 1000


EH12 1HQ


Gordon Pell

Chairman and Chief Executive, Retail Banking

The Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc

PO Box 1000


EH12 1HQ

NatWest Charges-A Guide

Uarranged Borrowing Fee or Maintenance Charge

This is when you have an overdraft or not and you go over that. The bank charges through charging periods which last a month and the charge goes out at the end of the month.

In 2000 it was £14 which then increased to £20 from April 2003 and then £28 from September 2004.

Unpaid Item/Return Cheque Fee

This appears on the statement and is when there is not sufficient funds in the account the previous working day(mon to Friday) to cover either a cheque, a direct debit or standing order to cover the amount going out. The bank "bounces" or does not pay the item and you get charged for it.

In 2000 it was £30 which went up to £38 from March 2005 (for businesses this is currently £35). From November 2007 max charge per day is £114 or three items.

Card Misuse or Guaranteed Card Payment Fee (gtee card pymt) This is when an item is paid by switch and goes through the account when the account is over its agreed or unagreed overdraft.

In 2000 this was £25 and then went up in March 2005 to £35

Referral Fee This is when an item is, rather than bounced is paid which takes the account over an agreed or unagreed overdraft by more than £26. 3 charges maximum a month on that last one. x It was £25 per item (maximum of £75 per month). This changed in September 2004 to £30 per item (maximum of £90 per month).

Card Recovery Fee

This is when someone comes round to your house to recover your bank card

The fee is £125

Advantage Gold and Unarranged Borrowing/Maintenance Charge

Advantage Gold is a service fee so cannot be claimed and Unarranged Borrowing/Maintenance Charge is going over an arranged or unarranged overdraft without prior consent which can be claimed.

A quick tip as to whether it is or is not an Advantage Gold account is that at the top of the statement it says Advantage Gold. If it was converted back the fee goes out at the end of the following month. The bank has changed the name of Unarraged Borrowing to Maintenance Charge on August 10th 2007.

Some background info first

In 2001, NatWest was taken over by the Royal Bank of Scotland Group and replaced the NatWest computer systems as well as aligning charges to the RBS Bank model of charges. That means that the Advantage Gold charge and the Unarranged Borrowing Fee were put together as one from October 2002.

How much was Advantage Gold and what was the amounts in question?

I am taking my starting point from when it was unclear so October 2002 so, for those that, are claiming so we have the charges as follows:

  • October 2002 The Advanntage Gold fee was £6
  • September 2003 The fee went up to £9
  • From July 2005 it was £10
  • From June 2006 it was £12
  • From April 28th 2008 it is £12.95

A quick note though, during 2002/3 there was a special charge for certain people trialling the newer Advantage Gold benefits which was £7.50.

So how do I work out what is the Advantage Gold and Unarranged Borrowing charge?

31 Jan Charges 02jan-A/C XXXXXXXX £40

The statement may say:

Charge £20 so that is £14 Unarranged Borrowing and £6 ADGD fee,

or £29 which is £20 Unarranged Borrowing and £9 ADGD fee, or £37 which is Unarranged Borrowing and £9 ADGD,

or £38 which is £28 Unarranged Borrowing and £9 ADGD, or £40 which is £28 Unarranged Borrowing and £12 ADGD fee

or £40.95 is £28 maintenace charge and £12.95 Advantage Gold.

However, if you converted the account back from advantage gold partially through the month it may have something like this:

31Jan06 Charges £34.50 which is £28 Unarranged Borrowing and £6.50 ADGD.

There are some anomalies outside of this period. Some accounts that have been dowgraded from Advantage Gold will have a partial maintenance Fee charged as well.

How do i get the account number when it is closed?

How can NatWest find an account that had been closed?

This advice is specifically for those who's account was open on or prior to October 2002 and information is unfortunately incomplete for post October 2002.

Why is October 2002 an important date?

On 4th October 2002, NatWest PLC computer system ran for the last time. On October 5th 2002 RBS Group PLC computer system became live with real time banking.

Why is this important?

Effectively NatWest PLC computer system froze in time at the above date. The old NatWest PLC produced a note on customer accounts everytime correspondence, marketing, complaints and charges- when a letter WAS actually sent out to you on every ocassion.

How does that help me to get my account number?

The new RBS Group PLC computer system still has access to the old system called the NatWest Archive which has a search system under name, sort code and gender. Very simple and accessible to all branch staff. So if your account was open on October 5th 2002 then you can go to your branch and get the account number with simple straightforward information.

What else would I need?

Address details for October 2002, identification for yourself(or the branch would be in breach of Data Protection Act and ID procedures) and the details mentioned above,

What about for accounts after October 2002?

On this point Ithis information is incomplete For what its worth NatWest can do a search under name and branch name but it may be difficult to confirm account details as there is no address on this search engine.

A lot of staff working for RBS Group PLC Data Protection Unit are unaware of a search engine to locate accounts so i thought i would add it here:

Back Office 04, 26, 45, option 1. This produces 12 options one of them is a search facility. You do need the sort code of the branch you opened the account at plus the post code, Date Of Birth, name, but it takes approximately 30 seconds and any NatWest employee can find it.

Abbreviations on Statements

ATM - Automated Teller (Cash) Machine

BAC - Automated Credit

BGC - Bank Giro Credit

CHG - Charge

D/D - Direct Debit

DIV - Dividend

DR - Account Overdrawn or Debit Item

IBP - Inter Branch Payment

INT - Interest

ITL - International

NDC - No Dividend Counterfoil

OTR - Online Banking

PO - Post Office

POS - Point of Sale - Switch/Maestro

S/O - Standing Order

SBT - Funds Transfer

TLR - Teller Transaction

TMS - Travel Money Service

TSU - Telephone Banking

NatWest Online Statements

As from 16th August 2008 you can now view statements on-line back to October 5th 2002

Quick guide:

  • (1) Log into NatWest online banking,
  • (2) Go to statements on the right hand side and click on that,
  • (3) then on the drop down menu it says "historic transactions" then you need to choose dates not more than 12 months, ie 5th October 2002 until 4th October 2003, etc,etc,.

Reasons for Account Closures

This are the main reasons for account closures. I am sure someone will say what about this but most will fall within the 9 reasons and not all examples will fit your exact circumstances.

1) Customer Request- This is where you go into the branch or post a request to close the account. The account can only be closed if the balance is at zero or brought to zero if account is overdrawn.

2)Dormant account- This is when the account has not been used for a number of years and attempt to contact the customer has been fruitless.

3) Account Opening Irregularities- This is when the identification used has not been in accordance with bank procedure or where information on the account opening form does not tie up. The account is closed within 24 hours of opening.

4) Credit Management Services- This is where the account has been incurring charges and has gone past the point in which it considered that it can be maintained by the customer. The account is transferred to them and the account is closed once the balance has been paid off.

5) Breakdown in Relationship with customer- This can include threats to staff, other customers in the branch and telephone threats.

6) Declared Bankrupt- This is bank policy that if someone who is a Bankrupt or made Bankrupt will have their account closed.

7) Dubious account activity- This includes using the account for fraudulent purposes.

8)Government Sanctions- This is my terminology, where the Government ask for account to be closed because of terrorist activities, global sanctions and the like.

9) A second Gesture of Goodwill Payment- This is a rare occurrence that after 2 gesure of goodwill refunds that the account is closed.

NatWest Charges and under 18 years old or card plus account

You cannot be charged anything when you are under the age of 18. You are classed as a minor. That means that if the charges takes you over the 0 mark into minus figures, the bank are by our automated returns policy giving an overdraft to a minor which is both contrary to the Credit Consumer Act and furthermore is contrary to the current terms and conditions.

Condition 6.1.1 state "unless indicated otherwise in the Account Specific Conditions for your account, arranged overdrafts are available on request if you are aged 18 or over and you satisfy our criteria. We can change your overdraft limit by notifiying you personally to tell you what the new limit will be"

This could be an unarranged overdraft and therefore not a valid reason.

Account specific terms

Paragraph 2 on Card plus accounts specifically states:

2.5 "Arranged overdrafts are not permitted on your account. If your account becomes overdrawn, we may inform your parent or guardian."

Ok same argument but parent or guardian MAY be informed.

If the account is a card plus there is a term 2.4 "Standing order and direct debit payments are NOT permitted on your account"

The bank have allowed Direct Debits and standing orders to be set up so when they returned the DD's or SO's they must surely put RD and not charge as it is not a permissable account for them.

Paragraph 2.7 "When you reach 18 years of age we may change your account to a step account or a current plus account or a student account. We will notify you personally at least 30 days before we do this at which time we will provide you with up to date copis of personal and private banking terms and condions and personal and private banking- a guide to fees and interest."

Have they done this, really? If not then clearly the argument I have heard that NatWest can take charges from you from the age of 16 years of age is total and utter hogwash.

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