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Receiving Personal Messages (PMs)

Our site is run on the basis that all help and advice is free and it benefits the whole community if this information is posted on the forums, so that others in a similar situation can view the material.

Sometimes, users have details that they would prefer to keep private, especially if it is of a personal nature etc. This is understandable and PMs (Private Messages) are a good way to communicate in this scenario.

However, we have recently been made aware that some users, posing as caring individuals, may indeed work for organisations that charge for their services and have found threads or posts where another member is facing a problem, then PM the user to offer 'assistance'.

It only becomes apparent that this help is not entirely 'honest' at a later stage.

If you receive an unsolicited personal message that you believe contains an invitation to deal with another organisation, please make this known to a moderator on the site. You can forward these PMs directly to us if you prefer.

Asking Questions By PM:

Yes, claiming your bank charges back is a tough, but rewarding call.

Yes, there is a mountain of information and help on this site.

Yes, whatever your question, someone will help you.

Yes, all advice and assistance on this site is FREE!

With those four points in mind, it is worth considering the Administrators, Moderators and more recently the Site Helpers. There are now more than 150,000 users. The Admin, Mod and Helper team is very small - roughly one person per 4,000 users. Each and everyone of us gives our time freely, simply because we believe that the big companies are bullies, that they are wrong, and that the users need assistance and support in proving this.

None of us are paid. We all have jobs (mostly). We all have families (mostly). We also all have lives of our own (mostly). This forum is a 'self-help' forum. This means that you, the user, do most of the work. We are here to help if you have a tricky question, or if you need a morale boost.

If your question is less complicated, then there are 150,000 other users who will also be willing to help and offer support. Most have been through at least one of the stages of reclaiming what is rightfully theirs.

Please, please, please - if you have a question about your claim, post it in your own thread. If you have a more generic question about the organisation you are taking on, post it in the relevant forum. If you have a very, very generic question about anything, post it in the General forum. Before you post ANY question, have a read around to see if you can find the answer for yourself. Remember, this is your claim - you need to do most of the work yourself. You will be raising the claim in court, and you will be the person in front of the judge if the claim gets to court.

Please DO NOT PM (Private Mail) the Mods, Helpers and Administrators with these questions. This forum is not about one-to-one assistance. 95% of your questions can be better answered in your own thread. 95% of your questions will be more likely to be answered in your own thread. The Mods, Helpers and Administrators do not have the time to answer most of the questions you are likely to ask by PM.

If someone believes that your question requires communication by PM, they will PM you. If you feel your question is of a personal or confidential nature, you are welcome to PM a Moderator or Administrator.

With over 150,000 users and 40 team members, PMing questions about your claim is to be used sparingly - thus allowing everyone the time to help everyone else.