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Welcome to the The Consumer Forums Wiki - The ConsumerWiki

We are an Internet based support forum, concerned with all aspects of Consumer Rights, although the area of greatest concern at the moment is the question of unlawfully applied penalty bank charges.

We provide free advice, support, encouragement and materials to anybody who wants to assert their rights in respect of any consumer abuse by large and faceless corporations. We attempt to empower ordinary people and to reawaken the slumbering culture of Consumerism: Reclaim the Right!

Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information held in the wiki, it IS a publicly editable resource and therefore no guarantee can be made of it's accuracy or authenticity.

Claiming Bank Charges

Where to start?

Firstly we recommend that you start with reading the Frequently Asked Questions and the Guide to reclaiming bank charges.

Many people (many tens of thousands of people) have already been through what you are probably going through now. Learn from their experience.

On the discussion forum there are a list of claims that have been settled and those that have been to court. If your claim ends up in court (and expect that it will, despite how unlikely this is) then we also have a buddy system.

You can also buy CAG email addresses at our domain name; users have found that they are taken more seriously by their bank when they are contacted from one of these addresses. It shows them that you have the support of more than 165,000 users and free legal advice. They are also aware of our ethos of NOT giving up and our assertion that YOU are taking control of the situation, NOT them.

We provide a FREE monthly newsletter outlining the status of the campaign. Useful information and links are also included.

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You are granted permission to copy this work, but in accordance with the licence, it must be attributed to Reclaim The Right Ltd and must also link back here.