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iRateiSlate has been designed to help consumers resolve their Complaints Quickly, Easily and for Free. Now you can ‘Have your Say’ and Complain or Compliment the service you receive from any company without having to follow the Formal Complaints Procedure.

None of us wants to receive poor customer service and the same goes for companies who do not want to receive negative feedback. iRateiSlate gives consumers the opportunity to share their customer service experiences and Companies the chance to convert Negative feedback into positive ratings. So whether you want to resolve Bank and Mortgage complaints, Insurance complaints, Retail complaints, Online or any Complaint, the process is simple and satisfying. iRateiSlate is a unique review site with a difference, users not only can complain about Companies they can also express praise in the same way if they so wish. Your comments are not only published, they’re sent to the company direct. The company will then respond to you directly to work through the problem. The outcome is then published, spectacular or shocking for all to see.

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