Notice of Discontinuance

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Following settlement of your claim and you have received cleared funds, you should inform the court with the letter below.

You may wish, additionally, to apply to the court for Wasted Costs

The Court Manager

XXXXXX County Court

Court address

Court Postcode


Dear Sir/Madam

[you] -v- The bank Plc

Claim Number: ********

Notice of Discontinuance

I wish to inform the court that the claim as detailed above, in which I am the Claimant, has now been settled.

The Defendant paid the full amount claimed, namely £***, by way of a cheque/credit to my bank account on [date]. As such, no further action is necessary in respect of this claim.

Please accept my sincere apologies for the waste of the courts valuable time spent processing and managing this claim. I do wish to inform the court however, that the decision to enter into this litigation was not taken lightly, and that ample opportunity was given to the Defendant to resolve this matter by way of negotiation before proceeding with this claim. Regretfully, all attempts at meaningful dialogue were either rebutted or ignored.

A copy of this letter has been sent to the Defendant.

Yours faithfully