Poor work complaint letter template

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Date Your address

Company’s address

Dear ___________

{Insert job and date}

I am writing to complain about the poor standard of workmanship I received in relation to the above job. As evidence of this I enclose a list of the problems. The work was clearly not carried out with reasonable care and skill (as required by section 13 Supply of Goods and Services Act) and, as such, amounts to a breach of contract.

Unless and until, these matters are rectified, I shall be withholding the balance of the contract price. Furthermore, if you do not put matters right within two weeks (or such other period as we may agree) I shall get another contractor to do it.

I will obtain a few quotations from reputable contractors and if the cost of the cheapest exceeds the balance of the contract price, I shall claim the extra from you by way of damages.

I will also report the matter to the ___________Association, of which I note you are a member.

I await hearing from you.