Bailiffs: Letter for Council Tax Bailiff at Your Door

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Hand to Council Tax Bailiff at The Door

Make sure that any offer of payment by instalments is one you can realistically afford and keep to. Send a copy of the letter to the council







Dear Sir/Madam

Re: Your Reference

[NAME OF] Council appears to have instructed you to recover Council Tax arrears.

This notice directs that you are not being given entry to my home or to levy goods contained within. This notice revokes your entitlement to charge a Walking Possessions fee. Please be advised that if your fees are found to contradict The Council Tax (Administration and Enforcement) Regulations 1992 and you may be liable for criminal prosecution under the Fraud Act 2006, and I will automatically file a Form 4 complaint at your certificating court.

Due to my circumstances I am unable to pay the debt in whole and will make payment of £[AMOUNT]] each month for [NUMBER OF] monthly installments.

This may seem a long time but it’s the only offer I can afford and it allows me to pay future Council Tax liabilities without falling into arrears.

I confirm I am not refusing to pay this debt and if you do not accept this arrangement then I will pay the money direct to the council.

Please provide me with a breakdown of your fees.

Yours Faithfully


CC The Council.

If you can afford to pay all the council tax arrears, see here:

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