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The Cabot Financial Group is a debt purchase and management group based in Kent. The Group is composed of several seperate limited companies, and has recently branched out into the Irish and Spanish markets.

Companies within the group

(This is by no means an exhaustive list, please add any that you may know about)

Key people in the group

Criticism of the company

It has been claimed that the Cabot Group sometimes act unlawfully or breach regulatory guidelines, for example attempting to collect unenforcable debts. All such claims are denied by Cabot, but such is the volume of queries about the company that the Consumer Action Group has given it the dubious honour of being the first and only Debt Collection Agency to have its own dedicated forum. The Cabot sub forum is now amalgamated withing the general debt section and is not so readily available for advice. However, a simple search for CABOT in the main forum will show that many new "customers" of Cabot still feel they are being treated appallingly.

In addition, a privately run blog has been established detailing one forum member's dealings with Cabot as well as providing useful advice on the company.

NOTE: Due to a lack of contact from Cabot, it was felt that the above mentioned blog was getting stale and no longer serving any useful purpose. Therefore the blog was taken down, and the domain allowed to lapse. Unfortunately, Mr KEN MAYNARD, CEO of the Cabot Financial Group of Companies belatedly decided to ask his solicitors to threaten the administrator of the blog with litigation if certain comments were not removed. TOO LATE, Uncle Ken.

As a result, the blog has been resurrected, with a view to ensuring that as much information as possible may be propogated, whilst at the same time ensuring that nothing is posted that might be construed as being worthy of litigation.

Contact details

Cabot Financial
1 Kings Hill Avenue
Kings Hill
ME19 4LT

Telephone (01732) 775000
Fax (01732) 522374

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